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Headspace Vials

K'(Prime) is now shipping 10 mL and 20 mL CTC headspace screw cap vials from our Calgary warehouse. These vials are certified clean, and have been tested by GC/MS prior to release. For more details, please download our brochure, or call our office for pricing details. K'(Prime) will soon be stocking the crimp top CTC headspace vials. Please enquire about availability.

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Features & Specifications

  • Certified by GC/MS to be contaminate free for VOC Analysis
  • 10 or 20mL clear precision threaded vial
  • Magnetic screw caps - 8 mm centre hole
  • Septa come in blue (PTFE) sample side; white (Silicone) outside, and Butyl red/PTFE grey
  • A large inventory is in stock at our Calgary warehouse for quick delivery
  • Quantity discounts apply - call to inquire

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