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Financing Solutions

K'(Prime) Technologies offers a full range of rental and lease options on Agilent Technologies instruments. Our goal is to ensure that each instrument is performing at, or above market conditions and is leased by satisfied customers. Our financing professionals have the experience to deliver solutions geared to specific needs for your laboratory solutions.

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Credit Application

Why Lease?

  • Make up for shortfalls in your capital budget
  • Off balance sheet accounting
  • Allows for better use of capital
  • Helps to optimize cash flow
  • Allows you to preserve your credit availability
  • Provides protection from equipment obsolescence

Operating Lease

Experience low cost for long-term usage without the responsibility of high cost of ownership. Fixed low monthly payments for long term use, from 24 - 60 months, with an option to return or purchase equipment at the end of the term. This program is designed to have a low monthly payment and high residual value on the instrument.

Capital Lease

Simple! Quick! No impact on your current borrowing power from the banks! This program is simple. Pay the monthly payment for 12 - 60 months terms and buyout the instrument for 10% of the original cost. Your credit is approved in most cases.

Let K'(Prime) be your source for laboratory equipment financing today!

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