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Laboratory Solutions
K'(Prime) provides solutions for your analytical laboratory including method development, conversion of methods from helium, data transfer macros and calculations, custom built analytical solutions for the petroleum industry and many other solutions to meet your needs.
Application Development.
  • New Method Development.
  • Optimization of existing applications.
  • Method Validation.
  • Helium to Hydrogen or Helium to Nitrogen conversion.
  • Application migration to smaller column diameters.
  • Lab throughput optimization.

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Data Transfer.
  • Custom macros to improve data transfer between analytical and database systems.
  • Natural gas calculations based on GPA standards or other custom density/heating value reports.
  • Automatic migration of data to network or LIMS databases.
  • Custom reporting and formatting.

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Analytical Solutions.
  • GC Analyzers.
  • Process Integration.
  • Gas Plant Calibration Services.
  • Custom Sampling Devices.
  • Custom Data Solutions.
  • Design Consulting.

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